Some French phrases that you can say in bed

Learn the most interesting words or phrases so that you can conquer one of these French escorts London. French flirting has its particularities, it is unique in the world, the words used are different from those used in other languages, that’s why these expressions will be of great help to impress your French escort. The culture of France has always been related to everything that has to do with love but it is also very much linked to sex.

Vous êtes très Belle! Or Vous êtes trop sexy!

It is normal that when you see the beautiful French escort for the first time you think that she is very beautiful or she is very sexy and the truth is that she is. But to leave nothing inside you, you can impress her by saying either of these two are infallible to flatter a London escort and be a very daring client.

Ton coeur bat rapidement, pour qui, pour moi

Adding a bit of spice will break the ice, so you can approach and say this phrase to your London escorts in her ear, it will refer that her heart is agitated and you know it’s for you. You will let her know that you are a confident man and it will turn them on a lot. This is your chance to impress.

Baise-moi comme toi seul sait le faire

If you say this phrase is because you are really ready for action, whispering this to the escort will be like having pressed an on the switch that we assure you, you will never want to return off again. You will trigger many sensations inside them and it will only make you understand that all your dreams can come true that night.

Practicing your accent could turn into something in your favor, these girls see that effort and thank you by rewarding you with the best sex of your life. With these simple phrases, you will drive the French escorts London of your choice crazy, the same in bed have never been so good until now with this French fire that runs through your veins.

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