Types of dominant escorts, which one should I choose?

Just as there are different types of submissive men and women, these are also different types of dominants, these we will mention are the ones that attract the attention of each client, they are the queens in the practice of BDSM, here we will name some so you can choose which is the best option for you.


Alpha Female:

This type of dominant escorts London knows what she wants and is very confident. They base their domination on body worship, they are charming, seductive escorts and their main characteristic is that they are leaders from the cradle. This type of Dominant will consider it an obligation for the submissive to show them everything they are willing to do it.


These dominant escorts demand to be treated and worshipped as if they were gods. They love to feel superior in every way and are perfect for practicing different role-playing with themed scenarios. Boredom is not something that characterizes these escorts, they love to break molds, they can act like vampires, gothic, evil queens, imagination is something that abounds in this type of girls and they will receive you dressed in a way that will not go unnoticed, you will have fun.


The Mistress or dominatrix:

This type of dominant escorts London likes to maintain a relationship based on a strict doctrine during sex. They love to practice much more intense sex and are not afraid to try different toys to make the experience out of the usual, although we know that there is very little common. They are possessive, they are not the favorite of all clients by chance, it is due to their great commitment and love for the BDSM practice. They are the typical escorts that you will see dressed in latex costumes and will excite every pore of your body.



BDSM is an extension of sexuality, it is fun to practice when you are very clear about the roles and when you understand what kind of dominant escort you want for yourself. Now that you know a little more about it, it will be very easy for you to enter this world of dominant escorts London and live an experience without limitations, where the pleasure you will receive accompanied by pain will be incredible.

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